What is “home care”?

There’s been a lot of media coverage recently regarding Carers and home or community care, but what exactly does it entail?  And who is it for?  What do these Carers we’ve been clapping for actually do and for whom? Also called domiciliary care, home care is, put very simply, care for an individual delivered in their own […]

Herbs for good health

Robin Hanbury-Tenison, an 84 year old British explorer and Corona Virus survivor, recently told his extraordinary story about his belief in the healing powers of gardens in a video featured on Spotlight South West. Whether you believe in the healing powers of plants or not, or more specifically herbs, spending time around plants and growing […]

Keeping Older Relatives Engaged During COVID-19

In Jersey we are lucky enough that life has returned (relatively speaking) to “normal”.  Although, there are many elderly islanders who are still shielding out of necessity or by choice.  Sadly, this can become isolating and boring. However, here are some creative and effective ways in which family and friends can help keep their elderly […]

Music for Dementia

In June this year, The Music for Dementia campaign launched M4D Radio – a free internet radio station created for people living with dementia and their Carers. The channel is available all day every day and plays music that has been purposefully selected to provide an instant source of meaningful music from the 1930s to […]

The benefits of having a pet in your old age

Most of us have experienced the joy and loyalty of owning a pet at some point in our lives, but have we ever stopped to really think about the effect a little creature can have on us holistically especially in our old age when life slows down? Animals have proven to play these significant roles […]

Ageing should be a luxury, not a curse!

In Isa Leshko’s photographic book, Allowed to Grow Old – Portraits of Elderly Animals from Farm Sanctuaries – the concept that “ageing is a luxury, and not a curse” is highlighted so beautifully. But what about us? Should this not apply to all living beings? How do we ensure that our own old age is […]

Choosing the right care agency

There are over twenty States of Jersey Regulated Home Care providers…aside from anyone else…and choosing one out of twenty something may seem like a bewildering decision. “It can be hard to be completely certain what you’re looking for if it’s the first time you’ve used home care” said Nicola Heath, Care Manager at Complete Individual […]