Why Choose Us?

  • We are proudly Registered with the Jersey Care Commission therefore you are assured we meet the required standards and we can provide services funded by the Long Term Care (LTC) scheme.
  • Fully trained and friendly staff – most of whom exceed the mandatory training levels.
  • As much as possible you’ll be visited by the same group of Carers each day.
  • We offer a higher than usual ratio of Care Management to Carers to ensure excellent quality of care.
  • Complete flexibility of care package – tailored to your needs. This includes anything from an hour a day to live-in packages with the option to change as your needs change.
  • A personalised Care Plan is developed with you so that you fully understand what we will do each visit.  The care plan lives at your home in the file in which we also record our daily notes about each visit so that you, or your family, can review it whenever you like.
“We are always delighted with the service, efficiency and cheerfulness of all the ladies who look after G’s needs each morning. Thank you."
“At the sterling age of 93 it was very hard to accept that I need care. I am delighted with the care I have received thus far. Thank you for your care and consideration.”
You are not the first care agency we have used. Dad can be difficult! Thank you for succeeding where others have failed!”
“To think I was worried about receiving care at first! Now I don’t know how I managed without you!”
“We really can’t thank you enough. Bless you all.”
“Without you all Mum would not be able to stay at home. THANK YOU”
“…with deepest thanks for such amazing help with Dad this year”
“The care and professionalism we received was second to none”
“Your care in the last days of Mum’s life was greatly appreciated. You were all outstanding”
  • Regular reviews to ensure we are meeting your needs – usually at the end of your first, third and sixth months with us, and then at minimum of every 6 months.
  • If possible we’ll change our visit times to fit around your medical appointments and try to fit them within the pre-agreed weekly care time.
  • We will always look for something useful to do with any time you may not need for personal care and we go beyond the “light domestic duties” (i.e. the washing-up) to which many other agencies limit themselves.
  • Business insurance covers all Carers’ cars so we can take you out to run errands or to and from appointments.
  • We’ll ease you or your loved ones into accepting care and liaise with Occupational Therapists and others to arrive at creative solutions to make your life easier.
  • We will help you to remain as independent as possible for as long as possible but most of all help keep you safe.
  • We will treat you as an individual, recognising that no two clients are ever the same.