Work for Us

It’s easy to get started with CI Home Care.  Whether you are already working in care or are simply wondering whether it might be the right career change for you, pop in for an informal chat. Give Nicola, Emma or Martine a call, or send an email request via the form at the bottom of this page and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

If you decide you are interested we can then proceed to interview, after which we need to seek references and an enhanced police (Disclosure and Barring Service) check. This is done online which will speed up your start date.

What happens next?

When you start work with us we will provide you with a full induction and training (as necessary) as well as a work mobile, uniform and everything you need to provide the utmost care for our clients.  We will then ask you to “shadow” one of our more experienced Carers so you feel fully supported and to introduce you to the clients you’ll be visiting.

During your first few months we will meet with you regularly to ensure that you are happy and that you understand your aims in the role.

Once your probationary period is over we are happy to discuss your study goals to help you achieve your potential as a professional Carer.

Unusually, for a company of our size, we operate with three very experienced Care Managers as well as an on-call rota. This means that you can always get hold of someone to answer any queries you may have and are always full supported.

How do I Apply?

Simply pick up the phone and call 01534 883886, email our Care Manager or complete the form on the Contact tab and we’ll get back to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

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We recognise that running any agency business requires two things – staff and clients. Without either the business does not thrive. We demonstrate our thanks for our staff by including the following benefits in our employment packages;

  • Flexibility in contracts
  • Compact runs
  • Competitive salaries
  • A quarterly bonus (once to your probation is complete)
  • Carer of the month award
  • Generous mileage allowance.  

This does not mean that we can always offer exactly what a Carer wants as running any agency is a constant balancing act between the needs of clients and the needs of staff.  So, we cannot always say yes, but when we can’t we will honour you with an explanation as to why.

We operate with a mixture of full and part-time Carers, day and night and also offer live-in packages. When we first meet we will ask about your availability, and talk you through our needs at that time. We always do our best to match your preferred availability and our needs, but we appreciate your flexibility as our work and client base varies.

We offer a competitive hourly salary based on your experience and qualification level, which can be discussed during your interview process. Additionally, we like to reward our valuable Carers so, once you’ve completed your probationary period we also offer a quarterly performance-based bonus which will boost your hourly rate.

Yes! Unlike most companies we operate a mileage-based petrol allowance. We do this because it’s fairer! We don’t ask you to waste time filling in forms or records. Instead our scheduling system, which also provides you with directions to and from clients, knows how far you have to drive every day! This petrol allowance is then paid with your monthly salary and shows as a separate item on your payslip as it is not subject to ITIS or Social Security deductions.

Yes!  Before you start work with us we will ensure that you have all the mandatory training or updates as required. Once your probation period is complete, we will then encourage you to start or advance your QCF level based on your current qualifications.